Monday, August 20, 2012


I have decided to start offering weekly Polka Dots and Stripes exclusives!  These will be sets offered for 24 hours only.  I wanted to find a way to provide outfits with colored shirts and designer fabrics that I could offer at my standard pricing.  Offering exclusives will allow me to take orders and order a bolt and colored shirts all at once.  I will try to alternate offering boy and girls exclusives and try to do some matching boy/girl sets, too!  I just love the one for this week!  So sweet and perfect for Fall!!
You can order this set by emailing me at or by commenting on my facebook page - .

I always keep solid cottons, solid corduroys, most gingham and polka dot colors in stock - and now CHEVRONS! and a few other fabrics you have seen on the page, so those can be ordered at any time!  There are more things in the works for Polka Dots and Stripes, too!  I am currently devising a plan to reward referrals and frequent customers.  So, as always - stay tuned!

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